Woven Together: Going Back to School #WAHSart

In early 2020, I went back to my future and taught art at my alma mater, Williamsport Area High School. It was the kind of experience that makes life feel like it has come full circle. I had returned to my high school to attest there is a life after and outside. Art helps you access the within us all. I recalled days of my troubled youth during my time at that school, and encouraged students to find a productive form of self expression.

Weaving as an Art Form, Healing Scroll, 1998
1000 Narratives, 2020

As a graduate of the class of 1992, I never enrolled in visual arts class during my four years at the Williamsport, Pennsylvania school. But I know it’s never too late to come to art. And in the years since high school, I have been fortunate to further my education and use my skills and expertise to educate others of all ages and abilities.


Working with Dr. Andrea McDonough, Ed.D., I was invited to be a Visiting Artist for two days of classes at WAHS. We collaborated on a curriculum, called, “Woven Together”, that introduced Mindful Art class students to making with materials of significant personal meaning.

The school has a tabletop loom that had not been used in years. This was set up to teach basic 4 harness weaving structures.

Williamsport Area School District’s Visual Arts Department teach students appreciation, knowledge, creativity, and expression for artistic and academic success. From expressing oneself to creatively communicating to commercial art applications, visual arts are explored and available to students from primary school through high school with a dedicated curriculum for grades K-8.

This artist residency was funded by the Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation.

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