The Common Thread Gallery

Questioned for centuries, works made with fiber as their medium have engaged in the art vs. craft debate.

Not here. The Common Thread Gallery celebrates the process + the narrative of these works. If it is exhibited here, it is unquestionably art.

This new online art gallery is an arena for culture to encourage creativity + preserve tradition. It is where appreciation, innovation, and conversation come together to celebrate art. Made with fiber.

Transformation: a thorough, dramatic or marked change in form, nature or appearance; a metamorphosis; a renewal. This exhibit of contemporary artwork is rooted in the spirit of feminine energy and creation using traditional materials, structures, and textile processes that focus on the narrative of the work and its relation to the theme.

The Common Thread Gallery made a call to artists in seeking the best contemporary art and invited submissions that reflected a range of works in the medium of weaving and fiber art.

The artists that answered the call explore themes of contemporary art that include time, memory, spirituality, identity, the body, nature and language. Their work exemplifies the most exceptional emerging and established artists working with fiber as a medium for fine art expression today. The Common Thread Gallery is honored to represent them in the inaugural exhibition, Transformation: Fiber as Medium. This is Art.

Brittany Wittman McLaughlin, Creator & Curator


April 5 – August 15, 2019

2 thoughts on “The Common Thread Gallery

  1. What a wonderful thing you have done, Brittany! And very generous to share with the rest of us! I will enjoy looking at and reading about these artists. Thank you!


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