[Now Available] Tactile Sensibility: A Weaving Workbook

Expand your Creativity

Tactile Sensibility: A Weaving Workbook takes you step-by-step through basic weaving structures and provide inspiration to transform your woven swatches into creative compositions. As you work through the pages of this tactile notebook, you will be introduced to the Buddhist philosophy of Ground. Path. Fruition. as a foundation for artistic pursuits. As you complete the exercises, the process of creating beautiful weavings using your own creative muse will be demystified and your approach to the loom will be transformed.

Explore materials

You are encouraged to investigate media and materials not commonly thought of for weft.

Be inspired

The purpose of this weaving workbook are to inspire you on a creative journey.

Understand structures

In this workbook there is a sampler project for you to complete so that you have a solid design foundation of textile design principles. Basic woven structures are illustrated and explained in detail so that your woven compositions have structural integrity.

Find your voice at the loom

In the pages of this workbook, you are guided to use woven structures as a form of communication of your personal narrative. You are inspired to pursue a new path on your creative journey.

Your weaving will involve sampling and using a variety of materials to interpret photographs from your personal experiences with nature and your environment.

Ground. Path. Fruition.

Rooted in Buddhist teachings, ‘Ground. Path. Fruition.’ is a three-fold system of logic used to understand a subject clearly. It is the foundation of this creative weaving process.

​This workbook is a 92-page color softcover workbook that will inspire you to develop your creative weaving practice at the loom.


“I enjoy the content offered here playing with weaves, gathering and recreating textures, and creating this sample book.”

– Elizabeth Palwick-Goebel, Retired Special Education Teacher

Brittany inspired and pushed me to reach further into my artistic self and in my work. Her love of weaving is infectious and her desire to help you express your talent makes her an exceptional teacher and mentor. I recommend this workbook to anyone looking to learn more about the art and craft of weaving. She is wonderful.”

– Marilyn TorresTechnical Designer, Ralph Lauren

Brittany opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities one’s creativity can achieve. She encouraged me to see in new ways and this formed the base of what kind of weaver I have become. I will always be thankful for her teachings and what it made possible for me as a weaver”

– Pradnya KordeCreative Director, Black Pepper Dessin

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About the Author

Brittany Wittman McLaughlin earned her Bachelor of Science from Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science in 1997. She was a Technical Associate in the weave design studios and a Visiting Assistant Professor of Textile Design at her alma mater from 2000-2005. In 2004, she earned her Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

“As your teacher and creative guide my ambition is to encourage you to share your artistic voice; to focus on the process of making art on the loom; to incorporate various materials and weaving structures as a means of expression. This process is about you as an artist finding and refining your creative voice.

With an education and professional experience in art and design, I bring a very practical aspect to teaching weaving, where construction is very important. I want to help weavers approach their loom with a sense of exploration and not be limited by a set pattern, design, or weave draft. The root of this work is to inspire you to expand your creativity. ”

Start a new creative journey at your loom

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