Into the Light

The Art of Brittany Wittman McLaughlin

The journey of an artist requires us to create our work, to tell our stories, and to be open to sharing it with our world.

When I was a little girl I discovered the gift of my creativity. From a very young age, I have been making crafts and creating art. For over the past decade, I have kept my art hidden in the attic. I now recognize wholeheartedly that creativity is my gift. And it is now time to bring it into the light.

Into the Light
Weaving as Meditation: The Seven Chakras
I am safe, creative, strong, loved, expressive, connected, divine.

Fiber is my medium. We can think of medium in two ways: as a singular form of media such as the fiber or yarn itself used to make the art; or as using intuitive abilities to see the past, present, and future events by tuning into spirit energy. I use weaving as my medium by both definitions; illustrating thoughts and experiences with complex constructions on my loom.

Linen & Monofilament
Represents the ebb and flow of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Cloth is important to us from cradle to grave. It carries symbols and meaning and is expressive of my narrative as a woman. It is a catalyst for my creativity whether functional or sculptural. I gravitate to fiber as a medium to reconcile my own feelings and as a way of healing. My creativity is direct connection to spirit. The ritual of art making involves the purification of my mind, calling on the divine for inspiration and connecting my head to my heart and hands.

Tactile Sensibility

Our tactile sensibility and our perception of touch informs our daily life. ⁣⠀
Using the tactile language of textiles, this artistic pursuit is a purely creative exercise – to engage in weaving as a practice of meditation and explore a variety of materials, textures, and colors.⁣⠀
A photo of texture is used as inspiration (on the right) that is translated into a woven composition (on the left) using a variety of yarns and non-traditional weaving materials.⁣⠀
The tactility of these weavings convey experiences and emotions using the non-verbal communication method of touch.⁣⠀

This collection of weavings, titled ‘Tactile Sensibility’ is from the exhibit “Into the Light: the Art of Brittany Wittman McLaughlin” that is on view April 5 – 29, 2019 at The Williamsport Frame Shop, 151 W 4th Street, Williamsport PA 17701 through April 29, 2019. ⁣⠀
[Weaving is Art]⁣ Concrete Walls⁣⠀

Walls are boundaries; barriers that keep us safe but also keep us hidden.
Does the self-created wall protect me or is it limiting my experiences?⁣⠀
[Weaving is Art] Water Droplets on a Leaf⁣⠀⁣⠀
Replenishment. Refreshment. Growth. ⁣⠀
The delicacy of the leaf both repels and retains the essence of water.
[Weaving is Art] Pathway through the Plowed Fields⁣⠀
There always seem to be pathways in my work. I am on a journey yet I am always seeking a destination. This one is viewed from a bird’s eye perspective; a vantage point that gives us the ability to get out of the forest and see the trees, and fields, and pathways available to us.⁣⠀
[Weaving is Art] Birch Bark⁣⠀
The birch tree is a symbol of new beginnings, regeneration, hope, new dawns and the promise of what is to come. The tree carries ancient wisdom and yet appears forever young.⁣⠀⁣

Our Common Thread

My gift of creativity helps inspire, educate, and empower women artists around the globe to cultivate their creative ideas by working with their hands and expressing their hearts.

Through this blog and the online gallery, The Common Thread Gallery, I grant women artists permission to speak with their creative voice and help the feel empowered to share their work with the world.

This mission matters because art matters. Participation in the arts creates more complete human beings who are critical thinkers, who have curious minds, and who lead productive lives. My work in supporting and promoting artists impacts the world of contemporary art by exhibiting and promoting fiber as a medium of fine art expression.

During our lifetime, fiber art has transformed from a craft medium to a form of conceptual artistic expression without question. It is time to showcase it as art. And bring it into the light.

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