WOVNS – Weaving Jacquard Fabric On Demand

Textile Design in the Digital Era

WOVNS is the first platform of its kind, a San Francisco-based company that is a textile studio and technology platform, giving designers access to the means of jacquard woven textile production.

In the era of digital fabrication platforms, desktop 3D printers and milling machines, WOVNS goal is to revolutionize textile production, creating access and immediacy for woven textile development.  Artists and Designers now have no barrier to enter the interior design and fashion fabric markets.

WOVNS partners, twin sisters Dena and Chelsea Molnar, each contribute individual perspectives and distinct design experience to the firm’s Design + Technology driven focus. With backgrounds in both the textiles and architecture industries, the partners have merged their knowledge of the built environment, interiors market, and fabrication of textiles with the development of new technology.

Working with US textile manufacturers, WOVNS has developed a patent pending system for jacquard looms that enables textile production in quantities as small as a single yard.

WOVNS was crowd-funded through Kickstarter by 428 backers who pledged $40,111 to help bring this project to life. In 2016, the duo and their technology team was awarded the Martha Stewart American Made Award for changing the game in the textile industry.  WOVNS has been featured in dozens of leading design publications including Dezeen, WWD, Forbes, and Manufacture New York.

How does it work?

Designers access the selection of colors and fabric qualities, they apply them to their own designs, and submit the files for production and purchase.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.21.44 AM
Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.24.32 AM

Fabric Qualities


A robust cotton and polyster blend, ideal for upholstery, pillows, bags, vests, jackets, slacks, and more. Application: Upholstery / Home Decor / Soft Goods / Heavyweight Apparel Composition: Polyester, Cotton, Rayon



A soft cotton and rayon blend, ideal for shorts, dresses, scarves, wraps, throws, duvet covers, table linens, beach blankets, and more. Application: Home Decor / Medium-Weight Apparel Composition: Cotton, Rayon


The WOVNS platform also promotes independent designers through the WOVNS Collection, a curated fabric and product collection that offers royalties to contributors on every yard sold. They proudly offer this custom fabric service to the design community.


Starting in January 2018, I am designing a class on Jacquard Weaving that will outline step-by-step how to design a quality fabric using the WOVNS platform.  The class will be offered after site updates and curriculum are published in the next couple of months. To tell me about your particular interests in weaving jacquard fabrics, please complete this survey. The class is being designed based on interested participants skill level and identified outcomes.

If you are a designer that’s been intrigued by the idea of creating jacquard fabrics, or you are are a hand weaver that is interested in learning more about all things woven, this course will give participants the basic building blocks to start creating their own Jacquard fabric collections.

If you are interested, please fill out the contact form below and you will be added to my class mailing list.


WOVNS Jacquard Fabric by Designer Eileen Fleming @eileen_fleming

Eileen is a surface pattern designer who plays with a variety of different materials and techniques.  Now she is adding jacquard fabrics to her portfolio.

Pebbles and Streams was created using ebru (Turkish Marbeling) that she experiments with from time to time. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 10.40.45 AM
Original Ebru Marbling
Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 10.45.54 AM
Repeat in Photoshop
Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 10.43.13 AM

This pattern  was derived from a gel monoprint. With this gel print, she played with different kinds of mark making, using various tool and sometimes cut shapes to block out areas.  The finished handwork was then translated digitally into photoshop for translation into a woven construction.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 10.44.30 AM

This texture was created from a photograph.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 10.44.40 AM

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.47.15 AM.png





4 thoughts on “WOVNS – Weaving Jacquard Fabric On Demand

  1. I am unable to attend the January 2018 workshop but I would love to learn of other classes offered!
    I am in extremely interested!
    Please add me to your email list.


    1. Thanks for you interest in the online course for WOVNS – Jacquard Weaving On Demand.

      I am currently working on the curriculum and am seeking responses from participants on
      this survey.

      direct link:

      Please take a few minutes to tell me more about your specific goals, skills, and interests in Jacquard weaving.
      I look forward to sharing more details about the course soon.



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