Weaving as Meditation

Mindfulness replenishes the soul

Through this learning journey, you will use the process of guided
meditation and weaving to achieve mindfulness and a greater sense
of self-awareness. Using a frame loom and a variety of colorful
yarns, you will:

  • feel encouraged to make a creative expression of an emotion
  • associated with a chakra.
  • create an artistic composition that provides a healing effect of
    quieting the mind and focusing on the work of the hands.
  • achieve solitude in this process of creativity and a sense of
    connection with community in this weaver’s circle.

Next Workshop

Clear Sphere Yoga, 6 W 4th Street, Williamsport, PA 17701 | 570-980-1485

Date: Saturday, January 12, 2019       1-4pm

Early bird registration through 12/31/2019
$60/$100 for you and a friend.
After 1/1/2019, class fee is $75/$125 for you and friend.

Registration includes a frame loom and the materials needed to complete a woven composition.

Beginner’s welcome! Limit 10 students/class.

Registration is required. Reserve your spot today.

Register here

Weaving calms the mind.

When we think of meditation, we think of becoming centered in a conscious act. At the loom, there is a connection with making that transcends time. By allowing the weaving process to slow you down, you begin to breath easily and focus on each moment as the yarns build upon one another.  The repetition of this weaving practice takes one to a place of quiet and focus.


The Art + Process of Brittany Wittman McLaughlin
Over the past 25 years, weaving has been a method of meditation and healing for me.
I love the systems, methodology, and order of weaving.
I love how closely weaving makes you pay attention and see.
I love rhythm of it. And the color interactions and textures of the various yarns and
As an artist, I design and create weavings for both art and utility using a variety of materials & meanings. I am the editorial curator and host of The Common Thread blog at http://www.theweavingworkshop.com. Our community shares ideas about weaving, making, art, and creative self expression. These musings on making connect us together. This is our common thread.


As a teacher and creative guide, I encourage an openness to a new creative process and sense of self discovery using weaving as the method and medium.  Using the Buddhist three-fold system of logic – ground, path, fruition – each individualized vision becomes focused.

Ground is the situation as we find it. It represents the seed of enlightenment within us. In this creative weaving study, Ground is our inspiration. It is explored through material selection and visual imagery.

Path evolves from the ground. It is the result of the effort we apply to the conditions of our Ground. The Path incorporates basic weaving structures in order to provide substantive structure to the inspiration of your groundwork.  The Path is the very process of weaving.

Fruition is the outcome. Fruition is the manifestation of your creative vision.

I teach my students to use the process of weaving to achieve mindfulness. Using the loom, a variety of yarns and materials, they feel encouraged to express their own feelings to achieve greater self awareness. They create a textural, artistic composition that provides a therapeutic effect of quieting the mind and focusing on the work of the hands.  They achieve solitude in this process of creativity.

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