Margo Selby Studio

Contemporary Woven Textiles
Margo Selby Studio is a woven textile design company that produces exceptional quality textiles for interiors.  Margo’s expertise in weaving is central to all the product development. She creates unique textile products that include furnishing fabric, carpet, rugs and accessories. As an admirer of these fine quality textiles, I am excited to share more about her studio and design inspiration with you.

Textiles as a medium

Margo Selby Rio Cushion lifestyle with Verde rug_HRThere was a tradition in my family of women making textiles in the home, so after graduating from The Royal College of Art I worked as a woven textile designer for industrial mills. It was during this time that I united my hand-woven constructions with industrial machinery to create the unique 3-dimensional fabrics that have become the trademark of my brand.

Margo Selby 2018 Scarf lifestyle_2_HR

Imagination captured by weaving
I love the disciplined nature of weaving, the strict boundaries of the horizontal and vertical lines. This provides boundaries and constraints which can be pushed against, technology and mathematics support the discovery of complex patterning.
Margo Selby Sakuru Kozo wool throw lifestyle_1_HR

Margo Selby 2018 Cushion close up_HR (Motion, Diwali, Suki & Calypso)

Fitting within the sphere of contemporary art
Margo Selby Artpiece lifestyle_HR


In addition to my practical and commercial textiles I also create one-off hand woven framed textiles. Inspired by the Bauhaus weavers, who designed for industry as well as celebrating woven textiles as an art form, these simple geometric framed works with a modernist feel explore how colour and structure unite to create colour studies. This handwoven art is referred to as painting with yarn.

process: from conception to conclusion

Margo Selby Assembly fabric & handwoven artpieces_HR

 My design philosophy focuses on the careful interpretation of hand woven designs to create exceptional quality textile products with a design led feel. The design process begins with hand-woven textile concepts, which are then developed with specialist mills and artisan weavers to create unique textile products that include furnishing fabric, carpet, rugs and accessories.

advice to aspiring textile artists

Record, archive and document your work, this will be an invaluable source of inspiration. Keep creating and striving for improvement both in the product and how you communicate this.Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.09.07 PM

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