Why I Weave

Why I Weave

by Judy Pearce


Yesterday, I struggled with pick and pick. Today, it’s a half circle. I pulled it all out. It’s isn’t that I’m a perfectionist; I’m stubborn. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be passable, passable from my perspective.

Weaving asks that I accept my own limits, while setting my own standards.

I’m not a natural weaver. Nor was I a natural pilot. Unlike my father, I couldn’t fly by the seat of my pants. Most pilots can solo after 20 or so hours of instruction. Not me. I won’t even tell you how many hours it took me to do my first solo touch and goes. Flying requires math, a good sense of where one is in space, and good reflexes. I have none of those.

Which makes weaving, whether floor loom or tapestry lap loom, more than a bit of a challenge for me. My idea of adding is 1 + 1 = 11. Color sense? Design? Both incorporated into two dimensional space? Patience? If I had any, I wouldn’t know where to find it.

Yet weaving requires, no, demands, those qualities, and more.

I find the words of Adam Gopnik in a New Yorker article speaking to me: “Accomplishment, the feeling of absorption in the flow, of mastery for its own sake, of knowing how to do this thing, is what keeps us all doing what we do, if we like what we do at all.” (29 January 2018)
I weave to learn, to challenge myself, to attempt to master that which I’ve never done. I weave to keep my brain engaged, my hands moving, my fingers feeling the wonders of the yarn.

I weave for the path and the reveal, for the process and the end. I weave in the immersion of the moment.

To paraphrase Gopnik, I weave for the joys and sorrows of accomplishment, to know how to do this thing we call weaving.

About Judy

Judy Pearce is an active member in The Weaving Workshop Facebook Group. This group is the community discussion forum for the members of theweavingworkshop.com. Our group shares advice and friendship in an online gathering place that offers a sense of renewal and creativity.

We love fiber, art, yarn, and color. We have an instinct for the loom, cloth, and the journey of handweaving.

We seek inspiration and expression through cloth as a creative journey.

The Weaving Workshop Ground. Path. Fruition. course

Within our community we ask questions, share exhibit opportunity postings, post pictures of your weavings, find inspiration from each other, and participate in discussions about weaving. Some of the weavers in the workshop have years of experience, some are professional designers, others are self-taught, and many are beginning.

There one common thread between us:

We all seek inspiration and motivation in our creative process. We want to find and use our voices to have confidence making art and sharing our work with our world.

Love Weaving Collage

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