Tactile Notebooks

Documenting creative weaving using a Tactile Notebook

Notebooks, sketchbooks, or the like are portable creative studios in which we can document and give expression to experiences.


Sketched out our samples as we planned to weave them. Now we will bind and greater illustrate these sketches with information about the weave structures used, words that describe the tactile qualities, and print outs or photographs of the inspiration image.

To do:

Use a notebook as a reflective space and place to document the technical and visual details when you weave.

For each composition you make, create a tactile page, playing with materials, techniques, and words to make concrete the vital elements of your tactile experience in weaving. Documenting your process is an important part of the artistic pursuit.


Instagram Tactile Notebook Swatches and Development

There is more than one way to collect materials, make pages, and create a tactile notebook.

Photo collages can be pages in this book.You can stitch your swatches right in to the binding, or create pockets for them to be stored.

There are many possibilities; the goal is to get your weavings in order as a collection and document them so you can replicate the techniques in future weaving projects.

A very important part of a tactile notebook is the cover. Be sure to cover your book so you want to touch it.


Each tactile notebook tells a story. Enjoy putting it together.

Work in Progress: a page from a tactile notebook.


See my completed Tactile Notebook here:

More Inspiration
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Making a Tactile Notebook



Online Course

This lesson is included in the online creative weaving course, Ground. Path. Fruition.

Read more about it.

Weaving Compositions Ground Path Fruition



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