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About The Common Thread

The Common Thread is an inspirational blog focused on weaving.   Here we come together to share inspiration and motivation around the artistic process.

We are a group of creative people who are actively seeking ways to heal, grow, and enhance our lives through their art.

Anyone of any age, from any location can submit an original post, with their bio, for consideration for inclusion on The Common Thread. Visitors to the site read inspiring posts with beautiful imagery about topics spanning art, weaving, textile design,  trends and art exhibits. Motivating posts aim to inspire our community of weavers to create their art and try new materials and structures at the loom too.

This blog is for creative people who are willing to share their work openly and honestly. These musings on making bind us and our creativity together. This is our common thread.

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the goal – to be powered by patrons

This passion project is seeking grassroots support.  Gratuities received will fund operational costs, enabling the site to continue to be a free inspirational resource for all who love weaving.

This is designed to be a site of reciprocity; relying on readers to ‘tip’ in lieu of running ads that track behavior and collect data.  My value proposition is to offer internet privacy and empower you to support this site and its vision.

How can you support The Common Thread?

Pay a gratuity of any amount to The Common Thread tip jar via Paypal.  The tip jar funds support the operational costs of the site.  The Weaving Workshop, parent company of The Common Thread, is stated on the tip jar page and Paypal statements.

The Common Thread is 100% about
  • Nourishing the love of weaving
  • Providing inspirational posts for free
  • Highlighting the work of emerging weavers and key influencers through featured posts
  • Creating original content while operating as an independent site
The Common Thread is not about
  • Running ads based on your reading behavior, sites you have visited, or providing your data to inform networks or other sites
  • Tracking reader behavior or collecting visitor data to sell

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A note from the editor

My desire to teach and share the artistic process is vital to my creative spirit. This is my solution – create a blog and online community to encourage artists to express their voices and work within a group of like-minded creative spirits.

The internet continues to change and data is being sold at alarming rates. I believe in blogging as a creative outlet and in online community and I think this approach is a more honest and transparent way of operating.  Your direct support enables The Common Thread to cover operational costs including hosting, administrative maintenance, and payment to guest contributors.  The goal of this campaign, which runs from July 5-31, 2018 is $1,000.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and support.


Brittany McLaughlin, Editorial Director at The Common Thread

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