Get the Gist (yarn & fiber)

A yarn resource especially for weavers

Gist Yarn & Fiber, established in 2017 by Sarah Resnick, brings the best weaving yarns to professional and hobbyist weavers alike. Her weaving shop is dedicated to providing quality weaving supplies that will delight and inspire you.

Gist ships worldwide and offers a variety of fibers including: linen, alpaca, wool, cotton, camel, silk, tencel, hemp, yak, paper, and stainless steel.  There is beautiful spakly yarn and roving too.

Partnering with mills who are doing things right

Recycling wastewater.  Using regenerative farming practices. Reinvesting in local economies. Building thriving family businesses that are passed down from generation to generation. This is how the Gist Yarn & Fiber suppliers operate.

Explore Fabulous Weaving Yarn from Gist

Whether you make Tea Towels and Placemats, Scarves and Shawls, Tapestries, Rugs, and Wall Hangings or are looking for yarn to dye or other unusual materials to add to your weavings, you can find them at this amazing source!

Read more about contemporary weaving

Check out the Gist Yarn Journal and be inspired by @gistyarn on Instagram

@gistyarn on Instagram

 Free Weaving Yarn Buyer’s Guide

Are you trying to understand weaving yarn sizes? Curious how to choose the right materials and fibers for your next weaving project? Wondering what does 8/2 yarn mean? This free 14-page guide from Gist Yarn is filled with tips, resources and links to help you understand weaving yarn and grow your yarn stash!

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