Mesh Material as Weft

A New purpose for Mesh bags

The trend of Harvesting Waste utilizes post-production and post-lifecycle waste streams as material resources and encourages the idea of reappropriation and reclamation from waste into use.

Many mesh produce bags enter our home.  There is something about their texture and the colors that are artificially bright – secondary to tertiary on the color wheel – that encourages me to keep and reuse them as textiles at my kitchen sink.


The colorful mesh is cut into strips and it is woven with a cotton weft for structural integrity between each mesh weft.

Once the fabric is off the loom, it is stitched into squares and is ready for a long life of dish duty.


This redemptive quality in the process, and resulting materials addresses the evergreen ideas of sustainability and environmental conciousness. There is no need to endure inefficiencies of buying new as multiple generations of product and material lifecycles are recognized.

What materials are you giving a new life in your weaving?




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