Getting Ready to Weave

Are you new to hand weaving on a floor loom? Or has it been awhile since you’ve set up your loom?

Over the years, one of the best skills I’ve learned is how to set up a floor loom efficiently. In a series of videos, you will see how I set up my Macomber handweaving loom. You can watch and learn as I wind a warp, attach the warp to the loom, thread the loom, and weave a header. Along the way, I share tips and tricks for efficient hand loom set up.


Project Notes Sheet and Winding a Warp

In this video, learn about the components of a Project Notes Sheet and winding a warp with 2 yarns.

Watch the Video to Get Started

It is a great idea to start a Project Notes sheet as soon as you start a new project.

[You can download a Project Notes sheet here]


Make total number of ends divisible by the repeat number of your weave structure (4 harness, 8 harness, etc.)

Wind in units of 10 so you can be interrupted in the process without being interrupted.

Keep your index finger between the 2 yarns when winding them together to keep the lease cross at both the top and bottom.


The warp winding is finished. Now it is time to tie-off the lease crosses at both the top and the bottom. Using hand through the top loop, the warp is chained off the reel from the bottom and is ready to be taken to the loom and tied to the back beam.

Watch the Video: Chaining off the warp

In this video, see how to attach the warp to the loom, inserts the lease sticks, and spaces out the warp in the raddle.

Watch the Video: Attaching the warp to the loom


Watch the Video: Winding the warp on the back beam

We are at the loom!

Watch the Video: Getting Ready to Thread the Loom


This next step is a very meditative practice for me. The counting, the repetition. Threading the loom can be a very calming experience. Take your time. Focus on each thread as you encounter it. Do not rush or hope to end the process sooner than it can be done. This is the process of weaving – and each step offers us the opportunity to pause at the loom.

Watch the Video: Threading Heddles


Watch the Video: Sleying the Reed

Now that the loom is set up, it is time for the final steps before weaving; tying on and tensioning the warp.

Watch the Video: Tying on and tensioning the warp

Now the fun part!

Watch the video: Starting to Weave

Weaving with a Shaker Inspired Technique


So, that’s it! These are the lessons for getting ready to weave. I hope my instructions are helpful to you.  I love to sharing the process of weaving.

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8 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Weave

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Melanie! I need to check with Google about updating the settings. Right now, this is where they are hosted. Once this technical glitch is fixed, I’ll let you know! Thanks! Brittany


  1. I am being given a Macomber 8 shaft loom, but I only know how to use. Rigid heddle. These videos are just exactly what I need! I am able to download all of these videos except “Attaching the Warp”. I get an error message from Google on that one. The rest are fine. Any ideas? That particular video is pretty critical, I expect. Thanks.


      1. Thank you. I don’t have my loom yet, so today is the first day I came back to check on this. It’s odd. The link leads me to an error message, try again later. But up on the top right was a little download arrow. When I clicked on that, I got a message from Google Play saying it was unable to check for viruses, so I clicked on it anyway to go ahead and download and it worked😃. Thank you so much!


  2. Which, by the way I just discovered, works from your original link above, too. I’m not sure why I never noticed or tried the little download arrow before….because the error message was BIG and the download arrow was little, I guess. Anyway, sorry for the trouble and thank you so much.


  3. The video of attaching the warp to the loom comes up as an error & try back later. I have tried many times and it still has error. Is it available in some other way? I find the others so helpful. Thanks


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