Inspired by the past – the name of The Weaving Workshop

[Did you know?]
The name of The Weaving Workshop is inspired by the book written by Sigrid Wortmann Weltge,

Bauhaus Textiles: Women Artists and the Weaving Workshop.

Bauhaus Textiles:  women artists and the weaving workshop

Longest standing and most successful of all Bauhaus enterprises was the Weaving Workshop, whose talented female designers created beautiful textiles, pouring all their energy and talent into this fresh and challenging field of interest. Embracing advanced technology, they used unusual materials (such as cellophane and early synthetics), and made reversible fabrics with acoustic and light-reflecting properties as well as other innovative experimental textiles. Their striking, brightly coloured geometric designs generated renewed interest in hand-weaving and a new professionalism in designing fabrics for mass-production.

The Bauhaus methodology and approach from craft to design in the early 20th century was very influential in my education. I wanted to create a community online where textile artists and designers can talk about weaving and craft and art and design; where they intersect and how they inform one another.

The Weaving Workshop was the obvious name for me to choose because of the influence of the women artists at the Bauhaus have had on me and my work and textile design of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The approach to finding ground, working along a path, and realizing the fruition of efforts is the method I use when I approach my creative work at the loom.

What made me want to take my classes online?

After leaving my teaching position at Philadelphia University, my desire to teach art and design remained. Given my rural location and the strength of my roots that ground me here, creating an online studio became the solution for me to teach and learn from a community of like-minded creatives.

My ambition is to share my artistic voice; to focus on the process of making art; to incorporate various materials and weaving methods as a means of expression; to investigate the importance and significance of textiles both historically and presently; and to share my knowledge of art and design.

My goal is to create an online community of weavers on a quest to ask and answer questions, share insights, and express themselves at their looms.

I think because of my background in art and design, I bring a very practical aspect to teaching weaving, where the construction is very important. I think a lot of weavers are interested in the intricacies of weave structures, but also want to be able to approach exploration at the loom and not be limited by a set pattern, design, or weave draft.

It’s about each individual artist finding and refining their creative voice. The root of the artistic studies is to be inspired and expand one’s creativity. 

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