Standard Incomparable: a collaborative weaving project


On view at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, California through September 11, 2016, I am pleased to be one of the artists in a collaborative project initiated by Helen Mirra in which she asked 51 weavers each to create a textile according to her specifications.

Each piece is roughly square, made from undyed yarn, in dimensions that match the length of the weaver’s arm. Each has seven stripes, whose width is determined by that of the weaver’s hand. The works are little self-portraits, recording the measurements of the hands and arms that made them.



The pieces highlight how physical labor is measured and embedded in the warp and weft of weaving, which is essentially a grid. This typically impassive structure here serves as a meeting point where the impulse to reduce everything to numbers meets the irreducible physicality of the body.”

Read the article in the LA Times, click here


Each weaver created two identical pieces: one for the exhibit and one to exchange with another weaver from around the globe.  I received this beautifully woven piece from Lauren Broom and Jo Rhodes from Perth, Australia.


It is so very interesting to see how each artist interpreted the specifications given.

This was truly a unique project collaboration.



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