What do you love about weaving?

BMcLaughlin profile at loom

I love that the process of hand weaving is simultaneously meditative and laborious.

It is an art, and a science.
There is at once a million design possibilities, and many decisive constraints.

I love the systems, methodology, and order of weaving.
I love how closely weaving makes you pay attention and see.
I love rhythm of it. And the color interactions and textures of the various yarns and materials.

I have been a weaver for over 20 years. As a textile design student at Philadelphia University in the 1990s, I concentrated on woven construction. Over the years, I have created 3-dimensional art, jacquard woven fabric, scarves, table runners, swatches for mill production, and small artisanal weavings. I weave on a 10 harness Macomber loom, but also have some homemade frame looms that I’ve used with my kids.

What do you love about weaving?

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